Big Kid

Friday, 9 June to Sunday, 18 June 2023 at
The Light Space Gallery, Academy Galleries, Wellington, NZ.
All profits donated to the Mary Potter Hospice.

Alan Hodgetts/Manzo (1962 – 2022) memorial exhibition

Big Kid is a fundraising exhibition featuring the multimedia works of Alan Hodgetts, and his musical alias ‘Manzo’.

The exhibition will be held from Friday 9 June through to Sunday 18 June at The Light Space gallery, Academy Galleries, Wellington – Home of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts.

Alan Hodgetts working on “The Eve of Ravenswood”

100% of the profits from all sales will be donated to the Mary Potter Hospice. This exhibition was one of Alan’s last wishes. He wanted to give back to the organisation that had provided such support and kindness during his illness.

Alan was an experimental multi-media visual artist and musician and this exhibition will showcase his many styles and talents.

Alan was a big man, with a big talent and sense of humour, and was very much a ‘big kid’ at heart.

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The Exhibition

Feature work: “The Eve of Ravenswood”, acrylic on loose canvas (215x142cm), $900

Alan Hodgetts seated in front of “The Eve of Ravenswood”

Collection of framed charcoal on cotton paper drawings:

Oil on canvas collection:

“Red Tape” acrylic on board collection:

Collection of unframed drawings (charcoal and pastel):

“Drone Zone” collection of drawings in Wellington locations, graphite and charcoal on canvas:

“Clan” collection (tryptich), acrylic and enamel on canvas:

“Clan 1”, 75x39cm, $150

“Manzo” collection, acrylic on canvas:

“Big disks” collection, acrylic on board:

Miscellaneous works:

Signed prints (SRA3), all $45:

A3 cartoons, all $60:

A4 cartoons, all $45:

Music CDs:

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Alan Hodgetts

A reflection on Alan’s life and loves.


A glance into Alan’s musical alter ego.


Examples of Alan’s artwork, both individual and collaboratively with his wife, Ellen.

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